The Exhibition

The inaugural exhibition of ‘A Spider’s Web’ was held in November 2018 in London’s Nottinghill. The show was also featured at the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts in Tbilisi in October 2019.

While navigating weighty emotions and experiences, ‘A Spider’s Web’ also has a witty, comic dimension that gently blunts the edge of memories from a trying past.

'A Spider's Web' unfolds in 2 parts:


The first part consists of 11 interconnected but non-sequential art installations marked only by a designated entry point. Each installation is a narrative vignette which liberates viewers to experience the exhibition and complete the narrative of triumph in their own way and on their own terms.

The main works in the first part of the exhibit are as follows:

1. The Tornado/Web (ENTRANCE)
2. The boxing ring/ War room/ Rough Patch
3. Algorithm
4. PR
5. Caged Heart
6. Runaway Assets
7. Snakes and Ladders
8. Family Time
9. (in) justice
10. "Freedom of switch"
11. Paper trail


AUDIO-VISUAL PROJECTION - "Voices in my head"

'Voices in my head' is an audio-visual projection which homes in on the mental overwhelm of the artist’s tribulation. It is as close as viewers will get to walking in the artist’s shoes.

This projection is a fitting culmination of the entire installation where viewers are led to converge by a complex tracking system of lights as they exit the first part of the exhibit.